About Us



It was always our goal to have the best entertainment possible, hence the name. Our professional work ethic did not go unnoticed, as many people always asked us if we have an entertainment company outside of working for Carnival Cruise Lines for 10+ years. 



We enjoyed the smiles and laughter so much that we did just that. We created a company that has a wide range of entertainment. We guarantee a carefully crafted, fun filled unforgettable experience. Over the years, we have met incredible entertainers that we now have teamed up with ensuring we create the ideal plans you require for any event or party.  

We are:


We believe that we only get one shot to make your event an unforgettable one.


Our commitment is to get people talking about your event for months to come!

our team


Eric Stanton

Born in Grand Rapids Michigan and raised in Florida since 1996, Eric is a multi-talented performer ranging in many different experiences with various personalities that acquire a certain type of humor and experience. A team player that enjoys watching people succeed and always aims to please. "I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions." –Stephen Covey


Yariel Moyet

Born in Bayamón Puerto Rico and raised in Florida since 1990. Yariel has had over 15 years as an on-stage performer, 10 years Djing house parties, Carnival Cruise Lines and a life time of experimenting with different genres in family oriented fun. Yariel is also a certified Life Coach which he decided to do in order to help the community that he loves.     

Creating Partnerships & Building Relationships

We strongly believe that two heads are better than one. Our mission is to bring you the best entertainment that we can and in order to achieve this, we have partnerships with local business to create a one-stop shop for you. 

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